Annual Membership
$7.42/month value
$89 billed upfront annually
  1. Free bike unlocks
    Save $2.50 on all bikes
  2. Free scooter unlocks
    Save $1 on scooters
  3. Unlimited 45-minute classic bike rides
    Normally 30-min for non-members
  4. Ebike rides: $0.15/min ($0.07 off)
  5. Scooter rides: $0.34/min ($0.05 off)
    Go farther for less
  6. Renews automatically every year
    Cancel anytime
Join and save* or sign up monthly for $25/30 days
Membership Perks
Get going for under 30¢ a day
Save money whenever you’re on the move with a membership that costs less than your weekly latte.
Feel the breeze (and get your heart pumping)
Get some much-needed outdoor time, whether you’re headed somewhere or just biking for fun.
Clean rides to put your mind at ease
Commute, the socially distanced way. Plus, ride assured knowing that all high-contact surfaces are frequently disinfected.
Save time with direct, bike-friendly routes
Nice Ride is often the faster way to get around. Pick up a bike closeby, breeze past traffic on the most efficient route, and easily drop it off when you’re done.
Prefer to stay single? We got you.

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Great for quick trips
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Perfect for visitors exploring Minneapolis
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